Hepatitis, Everything from A to E
What is being done to control hepatitis?

Many people in high-risk categories acquire natural immunity to hepatitis B virus through previous infection. Simple blood tests can identify people with immunity; these individuals do not need to be vaccinated.

Pregnant women, especially those in the high-risk groups noted earlier, should arrange for hepatitis testing prior to delivery. If the mother is infectious with hepatitis B virus, arrangements should be made to immunize her infant at birth. Treatment usually includes administration of the hepatitis B vaccine together with HBIG. Both mother and infant should be tested regularly thereafter to determinetheir immune status.

A blood test has been developed to identify antibody to hepatitis D virus, and a recently developed blood test will identify the hepatitis C antibody. New developments in the field of hepatitis diagnosis and treatment are being made which will help curtail the spread of this disease in the future.