Hepatitis, Everything from A to E
What is my risk of acquiring hepatitis?

People who are at risk of acquiring hepatitis A and hepatitis E infections are primarily those exposed to unsanitary conditions where they may consume food or water contaminated by viruses. Hepatitis A outbreaks also occur quite commonly in day-care centers or nurseries where an infected child may transmit the disease to others quite rapidly. Those at highest risk for acquiring hepatitis B infection are listed specifically below. Individuals who belong to any of the following groups should consider being tested for signs of past infection or current infection with hepatitis B virus.

A) Health care personnel:
Dentists and oral surgeons
Physicians and surgeons
Paramedical personnel and custodial staff who may be exposed to the virus
Dental hygienists and dental nurses
Laboratory personnel handling blood, blood products and other patient samples,
e.g. urine
Nursing staff, dental and medical students